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Shipping and return

Right now all the orders processed from this website are being processed through Packlink. A postal delivery platform that will choose the logistics operator that best suits our needs for our shipment.

All shipments are made urgently, the delivery time may vary between 48 hours and 7 days depending on the delivery address.

La Sed delivers its products worldwide. No exceptions The delivery price will vary depending on the delivery address.

Once the order has been successfully placed and if the item appears on the web as in stock, the delivery will be effective within a maximum period of 7 working days (national shipments in 48-72 hours). For custom or made-to-order products, a production time of 3 working days should be added.

In this workshop everything passes through the hands of the craftsman. From manufacturing and design issues, to billing and shipping, the entire process is done by me in person, without intermediaries, without infinite chains of command, without excuses for lack of coordination or department communication … For any question you can contact me through our CONTACT section.

Returns of products will be accepted, the addressee paying the shipping costs, as long as it is returned within 5 days of receiving the item.

Never will returns of personalized items be accepted.

In the file of each item a detailed description of each product is made in addition to being at your disposal for any type of doubt you may have in the CONTACT section.

Product & production

I have opted for a top quality raw material. My idea has always been to make completely handmade products with equally handmade raw materials.

Bags, briefcases, wallets, covers … everything is made with cow hides tanned as it has always been done, with vegetable tanning, which in addition to being ecologically more sustainable, employs local artisans like me.

They are tanner artisans from Villarramiel (Palencia) 140 km from my workshop. Artisans who continue to use tannins from different plants (in their case from acacia) that make their leather a more sustainable product, better for health and the environment since it does not use chromium salts for its tanning

Vegetable tanning gives a unique finish to the leather. A finish that changes, that improves over time. Vegetable tanning combined with an aniline dyeing gives a transparency that allows us to see the leather as it really is and not hidden and homogenized as if it were an artificial product.

All items are handcrafted, with laser personalization being the only method that involves some modern technology.

Inglés The rest of the production process is totally manual, deserving special mention of hand sewing. The saddle stitch with two needles and waxed thread makes my items excellent in durability.

I hope soon to have explanatory videos of the main processes that I carry out in the elaboration of my articles so that you can see how your bags, wallets, keychains, glasses cases are made …

Custom gifts

A great advantage to give away our items is that they are all fully customizable. You can put a name or initials without added cost and other reasons for 5 or 10 euros. If you opt for the designs that we present in the customization section, the cost will be € 5, while if you want to propose your own design and have me engrave it on your article, the cost would be € 10. In the latter case, it is best that you contact me through our contactsection so that it is as you really want …

To learn more, go to our Personalization section, choose the one you like the most and explain it to us in the comments of your order.

This is the least artisan part of the process, but it allows us to play without limits to make your bag or backpack more yours. Using a laser I can engrave any black and white draw you can imagine. You can put your favorite image of musical groups, movies, series … any draw in black and white will be valid. Send it to me, I will evaluate it to see if it is feasible, I will send you a photo montage with the image on the article so that we can both agree on the finish and we will start it. This process will take a while … I only have two hands;).